Plate Making + Pre-Mounting



  • The most environmentally friendly of the photopolymers, and well-suited to most any water-based ink printing application
  • Resin recovery system allows for uncured photopolymer to be re-used in the plate making process.
  • Plateworks Plus partners with only industry-leading suppliers for our resins and supporting materials.


  • Complete plate processing line, including state-of-the-art solvent recovery system.
  • Material thickness ranges from .045″ to .250″ and a product line to support most any ink printing application.


  • We have 5 E.L. Harley Opticheck machines to provide our customers’ mounted plates with optimal registration, for quick and efficient set-up on their presses.
  • Mounting materials include PVC, Mylar, Tin, Cushion Mount, and Magnetic
  • Each customer’s printing press requirements are documented for all of our customers’ printing.

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